2020 has been a weird year, that is for sure. It’s been tough to stay positive, between all the rotating quarnatines and lockdowns, and all of the political devisiveness in the US. I’ve found it hard to avoid feelings of doom and gloom when I turn on the TV or go on social media, and see all the new deaths from coronavirus or the negative language coming from the various political figureheads. Reflecting on life the day after Thanksgiving, however, has me realizing that I have a lot to be grateful for. I wanted to touch on a couple of these.

One thing I’m extremely grateful for is my family. My family is really supportive of each other no matter what, and they have been there for me through some tough times in my life. My family is always checking in with me / each other and always willing to talk and help out with whatever. I am also grateful that everyone has been healthy, particularly through COVID. No one has gotten sick from it or anything else, fingers crossed for the future. But that is also a testament to our family’s caring values as well — we have been pretty careful during the pandemic before seeing each other, in particular our parents and grandma.

I am also very grateful for some of the more basic things in my life. I am thankful for my living situation — I have a roof over my head and an apartment in the city that I enjoy. I am able to go to the store and buy all the food that I need without concern that I have enough money in my bank account. I’m fortunate to have a job that allows me to save for the future, and has not required me to go into an office during the pandemic. There are many people out there who are struggling physically, mentally, or financially, and it is grounding to me to reflect and realize how lucky I am.

Alexander Mosnick is an insurance broker at Aon in Chicago. Likes to write about rational thinking.